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Producing Champions Since 1931

Boxing At Pat Benson Acedemy

Our boxing classes at Pat Benson Boxing Academy are infused with diverse routines ensuring both novices and seasoned boxers find challenge and growth.

At Pat Benson Boxing Academy, our expert coaching team, varied timetable and outstanding facilities combine to provide an environment suitable for all members. From cadet sessions to junior and adult classes, we provide a progressive, person-centred training environment.

The aims will vary based upon your goals, but whether you are looking for competition and championship boxing, or simply a keep-fit session to lose weight and tone up, our dedicated coaches will work with you to achieve your goals.

All our head coaches are former boxers who have achieved championship and international accolades in their boxing careers. They are England Boxing accredited, fully licensed boxing coaches and their professional qualifications, combined with their experience at championship level, means our staff have ‘been there and done it’ in the boxing ring.

This means you have the perfect training environment and no excuses.
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Class Pricing

Joining fee: £20 (yearly membership payment)
Juniors: £4 per session, £10 per week, £30 per month
Seniors: £5 per session, £12 per week
Gold Package: £40 per month (enquire for details)

Boxing Content

We cover a variety of engaging workouts with expert guidance and a sense of community to make better boxers who thrive on discipline, resilience and a sense of achievement.

Our qualified instructors provide top-quality content in the skills of boxing, using a wide range of technique drills we cover everything from attack and defence.

  • Stance and movement in offensive position
  • Punching technique; jab and rear cross.
  • Generating body weight into punches
  • Hooks and uppercuts
  • Combination punching
  • Power punching
  • Boxing on the front foot
  • 3 and 5-phase attacks
  • Cutting off the ring when attacking
  • Body punching and inside attack
  • Video analysis of opponents
  • Stance and movement in a defensive position
  • The guard
  • Blocking and hand defences
  • Foot defence and movement
  • Head and trunk defence
  • Boxing on the back foot
  • Straight counter punches
  • Hooks and uppercuts as counters
  • Defending under intense pressure
  • Defending body attacks
  • Spatial awareness and ringcraft
Pad and Target Work
  • How to hold pads and targets
  • How to teach punching technique
  • Combination building through pad work
  • Communication skills through partner work
  • Thinking of different competition scenarios
  • Distance work and punching technique
  • Video analysis of pad work
  • Demonstrating punch technique under pressure
  • Straight punches on target pads
  • Body punches on target pads
  • Power punching on target pads
Technique Drills
  • Punch bag work
  • Shadow boxing
  • Distance and range work
  • Using the boxing ring
  • Variety of skipping drills
  • Hand and foot speed
  • Changing of angles and points of attack
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Boxing psychology
  • Rules of a boxing match
  • How boxing judging works

Our Promise

Loyalty, Commitment, Perseverance & Resilience
Pat Benson Boxing Academy